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Rejuvenate your image.

Look and feel your best. You deserve it.

At Alaska Breast and Cosmetic Center, we believe that self-confidence starts with liking the way you look. We pride ourselves on providing you with a refreshed appearance that’s natural. We don’t want you to look like you’ve “had work done.”

From the latest fillers and injectables to waxing, custom facials and skin-smoothing laser treatment, our goal is to provide clients with a more youthful appearance and a stronger self-image.

Hydrafacial MD

Hydrafacial MD is an advanced skin rejuvenation technique that can do so much more than a traditional facial treatment. Dr. Wright uses serums rich in vitamins, while HydraFacial Md cleanses out the impurities and dead skin cells and replaces them with antioxidants and moisture. This hydrates the skin for a healthier, more radiant sheen.