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M.D., FACS, ASPS/ Reconstructive and Cosmetic Surgery

Dr. Wright is a graduate of Vanderbilt University with a Bachelor of Science in Molecular Biology. Upon completion of her Medical Education from St. Louis University School of Medicine, Dr. Wright went on to complete several surgical fellowships across the country in multiple fields. She has built her reputation with colleagues and patients, alike, through her 20 + years of work. You can trust Dr. Wright to give you the results you want.


In addition to her formal education and fellowships, Dr. Wright served two tours in Iraq as an Army Commander of a Forward Surgical Team with a rank promotion to Colonel. As a result of her experiences in trauma care surgery, Dr. Wright works well under extreme pressure and discovered her passion for helping others to regain a confident self-image after life- and body-altering traumas.

Patient Satisfaction

Dr. Wright has formerly held positions as Associate Professor of Surgery, Chief of Breast Surgery, and Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery at Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center. After establishing herself in El Paso, TX, Dr. Wright has dedicated her career to restoring women’s physiques after undergoing breast biopsies, partial breast removals, mastectomies, and other similar procedures. She implements her expertise in breast reconstruction to help women restore their self-image, regain confidence and feel whole again.

Her vast expertise in breast reconstruction plastic surgery has helped restore the self-image of hundreds of women. Dr. Wright is also part of the Alaska Cancer Treatment Center team.

Certifications & Recognition

Dr. Wright is a board-certified plastic/reconstructive surgeon through the American Board of Plastic Surgery and a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons.



Helping you achieve the body you want.



Both cosmetic and reconstructive breast surgeries.


Face & Skin

Surgical and non-surgical procedures to improve the look and feel of your skin.